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M-E for Athletes, Martial Artists,
and Performing Artists

M-E has significantly improved my technical capacity as a dancer, both in strength and flexibility. Dr. Laseter tailored exercises specifically to meet the demands of my training, and to help me recover quickly after two major injuries to my foot and ankle. The movements done in his exercises are very dance-like, and therefore, I was able to translate them into my movement vocabulary with relative ease. At first I was reluctant to try M-E, but I soon saw immediate improvement in my dancing, and I now incorporate it into my daily practice. Using M-E as a warm-up before classes and performances helps me prepare for both the physical  & mental demands of training.  It’s a total game-changer to any highly skilled athlete’s performance and longevity. 


~J.L. Grant | Ballet dancer and coach

M-E is the greatest cross-training you have never heard of! Capable of not only conditioning your body but also rehabilitating stubborn injuries that physical therapy cannot touch. The standing meditation strengthens and increases the flexibility of the core muscles of the spine, pelvis, and tendons, turning the body into a powerful spring. The ability to engage the core muscles of the body in movement and transmit their power to any part of the body makes you stronger than your opponent wherever they make contact. At the same time, you become less vulnerable to injury by spreading external forces more evenly between your core of larger, stronger muscles and bones and the smaller peripheral joints and tendons. By clearing the meridians, you become faster and more sensitive to the opponent’s intentions. Working with the energy of both you and your opponent simultaneously makes them appear slower and weaker. This has to be experienced personally.


Why Choose MEI for Cross-Training?

After working with Dr. Laseter on the padded wall you can easily appreciate how whole-body strength, sensitivity, speed and stamina gained through M-E can be applied to any contact sport. He always has an answer for your applications of pushing force or attempts to lock his joints because of the training he received emphasized responding in the moment, and principles rather than technique. There is no thinking, he responds rather than reacts. He doesn’t get tired and remains in control of your balance whenever you touch him. You experience an odd kind of euphoria as you gently hit the padded wall over and over. It is another kind of treatment after all, and he enjoys correcting your bodily faults in this way and sharing this unique experience with you. From this touchpoint in martial arts, you can understand applications to any physical endeavor, such as avoiding tendonitis as a musician, refining dance movements or enjoying the other players bouncing off of you in football.

Older athletes, martial artists, and dancers are particularly benefitted. They must continuously seek new training and rehabilitation methods to lengthen their careers. As karate masters age, many are encouraged to take up tai chi for its softness in contrast to the inherent hardness of karate. This allows them to be able to continue practicing their art. Nothing surpasses the rejuvenating effects of standing meditation, a secret method also found within tai chi. The focus in M-E is on the supporting muscles, fascia, and ligaments that bind you together at the deepest levels. For a time after practice, your entire body is working together in real-time. This synchronization lowers the threshold for healing and maximizes functional capacity. M-E considers your health as well as your performance. You exercise your entire body every moment you practice, with equal emphasis on healing and training. The subconsciously learned coordination amplifies your physical potential. Your body is slowly transformed into a powerful spring, operating from its center of gravity.


Methodology and Curricula

You will learn how to correct imbalances in nerves, muscles, joints and beyond to more systemic health concerns. After mastering the postures, you begin to understand how to carry the whole-body strength and balance into movement. After even the first workout you are stronger, more integrated and healthier. This whole-body power called integral strength is unknown to Western science and medicine. It is related to both healing and physical performance.

The emphasis in our training is on is strengthening and refining movements related to your activity. Correcting structural imbalance and deep analysis of performance-related problems are undertaken with an eye toward defining both underlying causes and enacting elegant solutions. Dr. Laseter has considerable expertise in pre-habilitation and rehabilitation problem-solving.


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