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Guided ME
Image by Dim Hou


Guided Meditative-Exercise:
Personalized GME Sessions

While it is difficult to explain how Guided ME works, Dr Laseter’s understanding developed directly from his clinical work and studies of East Asian meditative healing traditions. Some energetic phenomena are proximity dependent, while others are not limited by time and space. Based on acupuncture channel assessment and osteopathic structural exam, Dr Laseter can explain step-by-step the changes he is seeking after a brief visual review. Please be advised that Guided ME is not a substitute for medical care. It does not constitute medical advice and is not intended to replace medical evaluation and treatment.

The Guided Meditative Exercise (GME) consists of two parts:

1. First, a passive distance healing in which you can rest comfortably or meditate.
2. Second, an active demonstration and physical activation of the healing by precise, gentle movements, combined with visualizations, breathing, walking, and more.

Rather than focus on the highly speculative mechanisms that underlie the intervention, Dr Laseter encourages you to focus on your own experience, and only think about or talk about it afterwards. 

GME sessions take place on Zoom or Facetime. You will be able to record a summary video (On Zoom platform only) at the conclusion to use for your own practice.

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

"Dr. Laseter’s medical expertise and treatments have greatly improved the health and quality of life for everyone in my family, for over 25 years. How wonderful to think we now may receive Guided Meditative-Exercise when we are in need, but may be miles a part. We may be separated by distance, but not from the space, wherein healing occurs".

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Start your journey through a Guided Meditative Exercise session by emailing Dr Laseter at, or call him at 505-469-6286. Please attach a photo of yourself, fully clothed, from the front, provide a brief description of your diagnoses or what you wish him to help you with, and request an evaluation. Evaluations are free of charge. Dr Laseter will advise you if he thinks he can be of service. 

While your information will remain confidential with Dr Laseter, please be advised that our email system is through a third-party app, and cannot be fully secure. If you have sensitive health information, please do not send via email, please call Dr Laseter at 505-469-6286 to discuss in detail any health issues you do not wish to send via email.


$150.00 for Individual Session

$100 per person for semi-private session with 2 people

$85 per person for session with 3 people

$65 per person for a session with 4 people

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