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2024 Spring Series
Starting March 2, 2024

Our Zoom Classes focus on health maintenance with qigong tailored to the season. Just as the nature changes with the seasons, we also vary our routines regarding diet, exercise, and meditation to remain in harmony. The ancient Chinese Agrarian Calendar best matches the timing of the changes our body undergoes throughout the year.

As each season brings forth different responses in our environment, we emphasize different organs each season. This is part of the 5 Phases or 5 Elements theory, a kind of proto-scientific understanding that is still incredibly useful today. 

Keep referring to the chart below to follow the seasonal changes in class throughout the year. The seasonal curriculum serves to round out students understanding and provides sufficient content to cover most people’s needs.



A one time only registration is required for all students, regardless if you are drop-in student or wish to participate in a class series. You will be asked to electronically sign a Liability Waiver/Release which is required to participate


For those who have registered for the full series of classes, please follow the button below to remit payment. No refunds will be provided for absences as all series registrants receive the class recording regardless of attendance on Zoom class


After registration and payment is completed, you will receive an email with the Zoom login credentials from Leigh at Please remember to check your Junk or Spam folders if you do not see it in your inbox. Zoom links and logins cannot be shared. 



DETAILS: A one-time ONLY registration is required for anyone participating in Zoom and/or In-Person classes. Please ONLY register ONCE. You will be asked to electronically sign a Liability Waiver/Release which is required for participation.

TIME ZONE: All Zoom class times are for Mountain Time. This is two (2) hours behind Eastern Time, one (1) hour behind Central Time, and one (1) hour ahead of Pacific Time.

RECEIVING ZOOM CREDENTIALS: Zoom links and login credentials are emailed no later than 24 hours of the first class date of the series' start time, or the Friday before the first class date for drop-in students. 

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is taken at the start of all Zoom classes. Students are expected to enter the Zoom waiting room on time. If you enter the Zoom class late, and class is already in progress, we cannot guarantee you will be admitted. If we catch the notification, you will be let in, if not, you will have to wait to receive the class recording. No refunds are given if a student is late or misses a class, as you will have access to the recorded class for which you paid (for drop-in students), or to all class recordings for series registrants.

DURING ZOOM CLASS All participants will be muted at the start of class, and unmuted at the end of class to ask questions. While not required to have your video on, it is highly encouraged, so Dr Laseter can ensure you are receiving the postures and movements correctly.

RECORDINGSDr Laseter records each Zoom class. The recordings are then uploaded to our Vimeo account where they may be accessed via a link, sent via email to only those students who paid for the class. Students enrolled in the series will receive all class links. Please do not share this link.The Vimeo link will be made available 24-48 hours after each class. The video link is available for two weeks after the class, and expires the morning of the next Zoom class. If you do not see the class Vimeo link in your emails, please make sure you check your junk and spam folders BEFORE emailing Leigh. If after 48 hours and you do not see the link in any email folder, please reach out to Leigh at


The following readings provide additional background and information that supplement learning in our Meditative Exercise classes.
For additional reading, please visit our Class Reading page.

Class Updates

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