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"I have known Dr. Laseter for many years. He has a unique and effective means of treating patients. Combining osteopathic manipulation and eastern medicine concepts utilizing acupuncture and  qigong exercises, he is able to benefit patients with both routine as well as complex problems. He has helped me personally and family members with some difficult issues. He’s at the top of my list when I need to refer a patient for those in need of his special talents".         

Peter Sebastian, D.O.

"Dr. Laseter is deeply rooted in the Western tradition of Osteopathic Medicine, is a long time student of Eastern Medicine and Martial Arts, has an exceptional ability to read and intuit the human body, and carries an unending passion for studying and continued learning. The combination of all of these factors along with his compassionate spirit makes him one of the most effective Doctors I have ever worked with. He has been able to catalyze deep, long term healing in myself and my family, freeing us to follow our dreams more fully."

Frances Crowhill-Miller

"While away on a personal retreat over the Passover/Easter holiday, I developed an excruciating toothache. Because of the holiday and the fact that I was nine hours away from home, I could not find an emergency dentist. I tried everything to reduce the pain and swelling.  Nothing worked. I decided to email and ask Dr. Laseter if he knew of a protocol to help me remotely.  We scheduled a Zoom consultation. I took a nap, and amazingly after days of not functioning because of the tooth pain, I was able to continue my retreat.  


Dr. Laseter is a gifted practitioner and is very kind.  I see him regularly for osteopathic care.  I was surprised and grateful that I can use the integrated techniques I am learning from Dr. Laseter for other health concerns – even dental health".

D.R. Cruel

Attending Dr. Laseter’s meditative exercise classes is a economical way to experience his healing presence.

We perform simple movements that address the group’s common health issues that may be related to the season, weather, time of day or other environmental stresses. At the end of class he addresses individual health challenges. I always leave class feeling as if my body is lighter. The annoying foggy head or cramped stomach or random ache is gone.  With my body properly aligned and energy balanced, I move through the rest of my day with ease.

Chris Iati

" I don't know how it works, but I feel ten years younger after class."

Tim Sauder

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