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If you would like to work with Dr Laseter in-person and one-on-one, he would be delighted to teach you the principles and methods of his meditative exercise. Perhaps you would like to teach or help others through their energy.  Training in martial arts is also available. Dr Laseter teaches Yang-style taiji quan and Yiquan, both as qigong and martial arts.

Rather than healing, our focus is on learning. 
First, learning the theory and correct performance of the 20 postures and 12 movements. Then, how to apply them for self-healing (qigong), healing others, and/or martial arts. Dr Laseter finds it perfectly acceptable to take parts of his system to add to your discipline. His goal is to help you reach your maximum potential.


$100 per hour

To schedule a 1:1 lesson with Dr Laseter, please email us at

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