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Image by Mike Labrum

Marla's Story

"September of 2020,  I began to experience lower back pain, sciatic pain in my right leg, and leg pain and weakness that would move from one side to the other.  I had fallen at the barn 8 weeks before, and whether this was part of the situation, I was uncertain.


As the pain began to escalate and the nerve pain and weakness in my legs went back and forth from one to the other, I saw Dr. Laseter for treatments in the office. Each treatment helped me, but the symptoms kept changing. Dr. Laseter was encouraging but also recognized I was struggling with the present situation.


I was so grateful when Dr. Laseter offered a Guided ME session on a Sunday afternoon.  I was making progress following my office visit with him the previous Monday, but I had a distance to go. I was curious what a Guided ME experience would be like.


Dr. Laseter has taught Qigong~ Exercise as Medicine Classes~ for years, to empower his patient’s to take an active role in their health. I thought perhaps he would direct me and guide me through some of the hand mudras, (hand positions) which connect with different organ systems in the body. Instead, following his assessment of the areas needing treatment he invited me to relax in my comfortable chair, and just receive. I did not have to “do” anything.


Upon settling back and closing my eyes I felt three waves of a calming sensation flow over me. I immediately noticed a change in my breath as I relaxed more deeply, and the breath filled my lower dantian area. This deep calming affect was very similar to how I feel when receiving a treatment in the office. Sensations then began in my lumbar spine and flowed down my legs. The treatment progressed with sensations in my stomach and spleen area. The treatment was very similar to an in office treatment. It was quite amazing, gentle but definitive, and wonderful. 

Dr. Laseter’s medical expertise and treatments have greatly improved the health and quality of life for everyone in my family, for over 25 years. How wonderful to think we now may receive a treatment via Guided ME, when we are in need, but may be miles a part. We may be separated by distance, but not from the space, wherein healing occurs.

My heartfelt thanks,


Marla Pitt"

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