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Summer 2023 SUMMARY

2023 Summer Fire Series

We begin the Summer Fire Series of Meditative Exercise sessions on May 6th. Remember, the ancient Chinese agrarian calendar matches our bodies seasonal clocks most accurately, so the seasons start earlier than we define them in the West. The frequencies of our internal energies shift with the change in the seasons serving up a complex, but repeatable and predictable sequence of physiologic and psychological influences on our state of being.

This year we will make the Four-Posture Healing Sequence the cornerstone of our efforts. These postures were developed through trial and error by Grandmaster Wang Xian Zhai after the teaching of martial arts was forbidden during the Cultural Revolution. He developed his Yiquan Qigong by doing extensive hospital-based research. Summer is a great time to work outside and push yourself a bit. This four-posture sequence allows you to do just that, while emphasizing healing. Join us for a wonderful experience exploring your own energy.


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