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Metal Element Class Curricula 2022

October 15

  1. 5 Needles Postural indices

  2. Sit Calmly, Face the West (seated meditation, palms face up on thighs) a. Sink the qi b. Center diaphragm function c. Wuji I: Evenness- Find any pain or imbalance (as if it existed) on opposite side d. Pain/Dysfunction- Exhale & Sink Qi (reverse the rising qi state) in the area

  3. The BreatherTM- IMST = Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training

  4. Wuji II: Neutralize Gravity- Balance to experience natural antigravity effect of aligning skeleton

  5. Wuji III: Connect Heaven and Earth (arms overhead, palms to sky, +/- up on toes) a. Decompress joints b. Taoist Pore Breathing i. Breathing in Sunshine, nourish dantien on each exhalation ii. Repolarize CSF iii. “Get the Qi from Outside”

  6. Shaking Qigong Mental scan entire body, as discussed previously

  7. Standing Posts and Movements a. Spleen Post (postures) and Movements i. Lung, Pericardium Standing Posts and Movement ii. Shoulders and Upper Back Pain iii. Grief, Detachment and Freedom Summary of 5 Needles and Wuji Qigong on the website:

October 30

  1. 5 Needles Postural indices

  2. 3 Breaths a. Deep Breaths with Packing b. Long, Sinuous Breath with Lengthened Intervals c. Swinging Door Zen Breath

  3. Pure Yang Mudra Connect odd-number, yang fingers i. “Get Qi from Inside” ii. Inner Fire iii. Heng Mantra

b. Organ Breathing i. Yin-Solid Organs Expand with Inhalation

ii. Yang-Hollow Organs Expand with Exhalation

4. Shaking Qigong Mental scan entire body, as discussed previously

5. Standing Posts and Movements a. Universal Post- Embrace Tree b. Inflate Balloon (fill yourself with qi) c. All organs expand d. Inflate and walk forward; deflate and walk backward

6. Spleen Review, Stomach Posts and Movements a. Stomachache, acid reflux, stomach-related fatigue

b. Mental congestion/overthinking

7. Lung, Pericardium Posts and Movements Review

a. Shoulders and Upper Back Pain e. Grief, Detachment and Freedom 8. Large Intestine Posts and Movements

a. Lower Back Pain, constipation

b. ‘Letting go’ meridian

9. Triple Burner Posts and Movements

a. Headache, Low Back Pain, Brain Fog, Congestive Disturbances

b. Decongestion, untwisting


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