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Summer Curriculum Summary


We are wrapping up our Spring Curriculum of Meditative Exercise. In June we begin slowly transitioning to the Heart, the Fire Element. Summer shifts our environment into full bloom and eventually maximal heat-stress. Within our body and mind we must meet the evolving demands. This requires more from our hearts than the other organs in our bodies. Heat, perspiration, a major function of the heart and one which reveals dysfunction. In addition to the familiar concerns of vascular disease and rhythm problems, night sweats, inability to perspire and cold or sweaty palms and feet are within the province of the heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

While preparing for the stresses of Summer we address the transition between seasons. Each season has an unstable interval between the apogees of the seasons. These transitions destabilize our stomach and spleen-pancreas. In TCM this is the Earth Element. Between each season we will cushion the transition with some Meditative Exercise centered on stomach.


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