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Meditative-Exercise for Health

Your gateway to vitality

The practices of standing meditation and gentle, slow movements called Movement as Medicine™, are a natural way to cultivate and develop your energy, as well as restore and maintain health. These movements can be tailored to help patients outgrow their problems.

The practices have been refined from Dr. Laseter’s experiences in medicine, meditation, and internal martial arts. As demonstrated in the medical traditions of China, is possible to use these practices to ameliorate and prevent disease. The symptoms seen in doctors’ offices do not always represent disease. What we seek help for is often better characterized as an imbalance of function. Imbalances can deteriorate into a chronic disease which is the hallmark of modern healthcare.

The Three Free Therapies

What can be done to address these issues without resorting to symptom-suppressing drug approaches? From a health-centered perspective, there are three cornerstones of our heath. These three can be likened to a three-legged stool. The first leg is diet. Concerns about the quality of our food sources, their processing, and the quantity and food choices have made dietary considerations a major concern for those considering public health matters, as well as practicing doctors. The other two legs are exercise and meditation/relaxation. Together these three constitute lifestyle change; what experts agree comprises the majority of what can be done to resist chronic disease and maintain the quality of our lives. M-E focuses upon an elegant and extremely efficient method for these two legs of the stool of health, addressing both at the same time.

More than a kind of hygiene and health maintenance program, this method of exercise and meditation is a transformative and holistic way to gradually dissolve the effects of physical and emotional injury. Its purpose is to help us realize the importance of modifying our state of mind and physical bearing. Through refinement of fundamental daily movements such as sitting, standing, and walking, M-E for Health helps us transcend our limitations and realize our fullest potential.

Why choose M.E.I. for Health?

M-E for Health is more than a fitness or wellness program, it is tailored to your physical and mental needs. M-E is a way to decrease inflammation, a root cause of pain and disease. Improve strength and vitality while minimizing dependence on prescription medications. Begin to understand and correct the dysfunction responsible for your suffering. Through guidance, instruction and practice, Movement as Medicine helps one understand the underlying problems that patients turn to medicine or surgery for relief. Health and strength are merely the first steps on this journey. For those willing to dedicate themselves to M-E, weaknesses can become strengths. One can become his or her own health maintenance organization! As a physician with a long history of treating chronic pain and disability, Dr. Laseter has yet to find a simpler or more effective
intervention for returning patients to strength and vitality. For more information about M-E for Health, please email us at

Methodology and Curriculum

Our simple formula begins with warm-up movements and progresses through corrections for the meridian systems of acupuncture. These meridian systems relate to every organ, muscle, limb, spinal and cranial structure. They touch every aspect of body and mind. The corrections
consist of easy postures combined with arm movements and then walking meditations. The simple movements allow beginners to derive immediate benefit. They can be refined to a high quality of movement characterized by a mesmerizing grace that is difficult to take one’s eyes
How one attends to the postures and movements, the use of the mind determines success or failure. The resulting sensitivity helps solve many problems. We use stillness plus slow, gentle movements to capture the proper feeling of the exercise. Stillness, internally combined
with movement externally and movement internally with stillness externally are the keys to opening the meridian channels of the energy body. This can be adapted for those with diminished capacity for standing and is useful to everyone from bed-bound hospitalized patients and professional athletes.


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