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meditative-exercise for meditation & personal Growth

“To take this posture itself is the purpose of our practice.”

Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki

The purpose of our meditation training is to develop the interior life. This lack of an interior life can be blamed for many of our personal and societal shortcomings. As Pascal said, “All men’s miseries derive from his inability to sit alone in his chamber.” Health is the starting point on this journey. Then the student will begin to notice his mind becoming increasingly stable as characterized by increased mental clarity and greater tolerance for the small annoyances in life. Social gregariousness coincides with a decrease in emotional lability. Others begin to take notice and relationships improve. Emotional reactivity and deterministic thinking give way to authenticity, insight and compassion.

Why Choose ME for Meditation & Personal Growth?

In M-E we work through the body to gain access to and refine our minds. This is both the safe way to begin experiencing the benefits of meditation and a holistic method that simultaneously works with health and energy. Some practices within the fields of meditation and qigong are not safe without expert guidance. Disturbances of mind and body are possible and several have just made their way into the official psychiatric diagnostic manual. More likely, time is wasted believing that a book or the internet can substitute for a qualified teacher. There is no app for this!

In ME, the emphasis is on a balanced, even approach. The physical body and energetic vessels are first prepared to handle the significant increases in energy that follow. Our issues fade with less drama and our progress is stable. The unique benefit of the ME approach is within its holistic format that allows for shifting emphasis to develop as the student prefers. The timing, emphasis, and curriculum can change for the individual student.

Methodology and Curricula

For those wishing to focus on mind and spirit, we use methods of Zen and Daoist internal alchemy to accelerate the trajectory of our personal development. This involves the process of “sitting and forgetting” and identifying with the “grand thoroughfare” as described in the Zhuangzi of Daoism. We begin by exploring the implications of seated posture on our state of mind. Developing an inclusive mind that mirrors our world is sought. We learn to let go of force and control. Tai chi is very helpful here. Ultimately, we begin to sense the life force and unlock latent talents and abilities. A kind of enlightenment accrues. This is not the enlightenment of spiritual masters. Rather, it is a kind of small enlightenment sometimes seen in fields such as osteopathy and internal martial arts coinciding with a degree of mastery in one’s art or vocation.


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