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Cancellation of In-Person Classes

Due to another wave of Covid, we are forced to close our recently re-started indoor classes. Covid-19 increasingly looks like a seasonal virus with multiple peaks, perhaps defined by region in North America. This virus won’t go away. It is slowly entering an endemic phase as more acquire immunity. The best mitigation factors continue to include vaccination, masks, and social distancing, avoiding hot spots. Holiday travel will no doubt increase our hospitalization rates further- yes, they are spiking in multiple areas including Pennsylvania. Few in our region are using masks any longer so it is important to be careful this winter.

While I can no longer justify open classes, I will continue to offer individual instruction at the dental office on alternate Saturdays, with all wearing masks. This one-to-one instruction may include one other person to allow for teaching, usually a physician. I encourage you to request individual time with me if you need to learn additional strategies to manage a condition, want to teach Meditative-Exercise, or need more understanding of the energetic substrates of meditation, healing and so on. Click here to learn more about Individual Instruction in ME, and how it differs from Guided ME.


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