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Join Us in Celebrating World Tai Chi/Qigong Day

Every year since 1998 an event celebrating Taiji Quan and Qigong has been taking place on the last Saturday in April at 10AM. This year we plan to participate. Join us at Buchanan Park by the little red house on Race St. as we participate in this worldwide celebration. This will be a free Meditative Exercise experience open to all. Meditative Exercise grew out of my long experience with meditation, qigong and the internal martial arts.

We will ask you register for this event, in the event that there is rain we will be on Zoom, and that way we know who wanted to attend so Leigh can send the Zoom links. Additionally, liability waivers and model releases are attached to the registration form, which will need to be signed again for this event.

This is a great opportunity to share your personal practice of Meditative Exercise with receptive friends and family. The growth of this event with government recognition around the globe has been astonishing. It was created to encourage research and participation in Taiji and Qigong. Take a look at the website:

I once shared an email exchange with Bill Douglas, cofounder of WTCQD, regarding his logo. They see their mission as changing the world to a more healthy, sane and supportive place using the kind of practices we advocate through Meditative Exercise. What Bill and his wife, Angela Wong-Douglas, have created is both a tremendous legacy and a tool to get more interest in what I, too believe, is a way to change the world.


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