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ME is the Journey of a Lifetime (updated)

Meditative-Exercise is the Journey of a Lifetime

Meditative-Exercise is not a like a Pilates or spin class done solely to condition your body. It is more akin to taking up a study like philosophy or learning a musical instrument. Expect to grow from it. Approach it with an open mind. It is a journey into the unknown that is you. Like your first guitar lesson, it is not easy. You may not enjoy practicing alone at first. But you want to learn to play, and you know it takes a certain amount of practice and instruction to get where you want to go.

Meditative-Exercise is something altogether different. It is not apparent how I do the things that developed from it. One can only approach this through the direct, personal efforts of their own experience. Giving this a try takes one hundred days of practice, about 25 minutes a day. It becomes clear by then that you are changing your body and mind at a fundamental level.

The first changes from practice include increased energy, stamina, and immunity. Life’s little annoyances are less burdensome. Relationships improve. Mental clarity and focus follow. As you sharpen the instrument that is you improvements accrue in all areas of your life. Settling into stillness; making ourselves comfortable with doing nothing initiates a great change. The methods of Meditative-Exercise make it much easier. In the beginning phase becoming still seems to cause our problems to rush up to greet us. Persisting, often out of curiosity, we encounter a kind of void. A potential space where transformation is possible. You owe it to yourself to at least cross this threshold.

Transformation, not just health, not self-improvement. We don’t need improvement. You already possess what you need. You are indeed perfect as you are. You are also unique. Not the best but rather, the one and only. Have you noticed that both individually and as a society, all our time and effort has been spent improving our external situation? We have created the most comfortable and convenient world any generation has ever seen. Yet we are no happier than previous generations, and perhaps less. Any further external improvements may leave us with no planet on which to reside. A different approach is required in pursuit of freedom, peace, and happiness. A paradigm shift is required. One needs to look inside to discover this truth. It is there that improvement is required. A few steps on this journey reveals this to be self-evident. Improved health and energy are byproducts of correct practice. It is among the first and easiest changes to achieve.

Sadhguru is a contemporary guru, which he defines as “one who dispels darkness”. He says of transformation,

· Neither ethics, morals nor attitudinal shift

· Rather it is a dimensional shift in our perception and experience of life

· Transformation means there is nothing left of the old

And of his yogic methods,

· Not a sermon, but a science

· Not a teaching, but a technology

· Not a precept, but a path

Yoga, when not stripped of its philosophical and spiritual underpinnings is a type of meditative exercise.

Transmission, not teaching. We are familiar with teaching. Teaching results in new understanding. If you take up the study of a new language learning, understanding and linguistic skill is acquired. If you learn a new sport like tennis, rules and simple athletic skills are acquired. Understanding implies these things are beneath you. Because you can see the process. What we are teaching is not a simple skill. It cannot be explained, and you cannot see the process. When you stand in the simplest posture it induces a myriad of effects you cannot explain, nor can it be explained to you. When you touch my hand, you feel changes in your body; you may lose your balance or go flying away from my contact. It is above your level of understanding. Although what you experience is up to me, I do not fully understand it either. Although this cannot be taught it can be experienced and learned. It is not a simple skill. Most of us remember learning to ride a bike. The feeling of balance cannot be taught, yet with guidance and support the skill can be acquired by a child. Can you explain it? Not really. This feeling of balance cannot be conveyed with words.

In this way we say Meditative-Exercise is a transmission, not a teaching. The power resides in becoming increasingly sensitive and aware of balance. The balance between each of us we call relationship. The balance between the numerous parts of our bodies we call health. The balance between ourselves and our environment we call spirituality. Meditative-Exercise is a map to aid in the exploration of the uncharted, inner milieu.

Meditation and exercise are the tools of transformation. Why just exercise in a mindless way, risking injury? The benefits wane from the moment we stop. Why waste time meditating on your own without the precious guidance of someone who can transmit something beyond understanding? Too much sitting (in the wrong way) is potentially a risk to your health as great as smoking. In our Meditative-Exercise we harness the efficiency of combining stillness and movement, meditation, and exercise at the same time. Meaningful and lasting change is possible. Demonstrable skills from manipulative medicine, energy healing and internal martial arts aid in the sharing. While they delight and draw useful attention to Meditative-Exercise they are not the goal. Like health, wisdom, and compassion they are byproducts and useful skills resulting from correct practice.


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