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Meditative Exercise Workshop: Working with the 5-Elements

Planned for November 20th, 2021

We greatly anticipate being able to hold a new one-day workshop at Loeffler-Pitt Dental Associates, our old stomping grounds. We planned this workshop and were even promoting it when the pandemic intervened blowing up our plans. This workshop with will feature Marla Pitt, DDiv sharing her teaching of mantras related to the 5-Elements. I will share my understanding of movements and meditations to correct energetic and structural problems through the osteopathic lens of supporting health.

Suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners, this workshop will provide a concise framework for understanding many of our common practices in Meditative Exercise.

Join us for a joyous exploration of how we function on an energetic level, while gathering a ‘tool kit’ of health maintenance practices in a day of relaxation and healing. Stay tuned. As we develop this workshop updates will appear on the website.


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