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Spring: Time of Renewal

The spirit of spring is renewal. It is the Wood Phase of the 5-Element theory of traditional Chinese philosophy. This is the natural time for cleansing and reassessment in the light of life reasserting itself around us. The principles of our practice in spring involves dredging, draining and cooling to combat stagnation of our energy. Stagnation leads to heat in the acupuncture channels. It is the time to be aware of the liver and gall bladder and their relationship to the heart, kidney, stomach, and spleen/pancreas. Developing, refining and balancing the Wood Phase energy involves taking care of the liver, gall bladder, and the tendons and eyes upon whose health they depend.

The liver is many things, from the sea of emotions to the gatekeeper and reservoir of blood. It moves our energy. When obstructed we feel tight. The gall bladder is an important organ. It ‘decides’ where the blood is distributed and filters the outside world to our internal experience. Work in this way to secure physical health. Then your focus can shift to the spiritual dimension, renewal.




The answer is in your hand! Palms down, connect to the earth. Earth has the qualities of greatness and compassion, nurturing all things without thought of reward. Now imagine you are holding a balls of light. Turn your palms heavenward and connect to the sun, moon and stars. This imagery is very powerful. Use the mind to exercise the body and energetic conduits. “Squeeze” earth and then heaven, coordinating with your breathing. Inhale, squeeze and hold. Exhale and relax. Finish by bathing in imagery of green light. A sense of renewal will be yours. You are undertaking a great journey of self-exploration. As your sensitivity increases you will first learn to avoid trouble, later turning weaknesses into strengths.


We spend most of lives bouncing from one thing to the next. For this activity we must take a different tack. As with learning any complex task we slow down, generating space to learn.

Multitasking gives way to cultivation of singular focus. This alone provides the rich rewards of changing bodies, minds and the way others perceive you. You will appreciate Meditative Exercise as the highlight of your day. In stillness we can gain control of how we feel, rejuvenate, recover and gain insight. With perseverance we can become balanced, centered, and stronger, as well as more compassionate and inclusive. Insight and clarity naturally follow. The slow way IS the fast way, in learning to take care of oneself or others.


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