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Winter Class Series 2021 Curriculum

Water Element- Winter Program November 7 – February 4

Stillness Practices

Sitting form

Pure Yang Mudra This practice can change the trajectory of your life. Motivation and drive are not things that can be regained by the thinking portion of the mind. Use the profound technology of the ancient Chinese to discover dimensions beyond modern understanding

Standing forms

Kidney Yin Posture adjusts the yin-deficient kidney to expand energy, support the organs, and relieve fatigue of a bone-tired nature

Kidney Yang Posture adjusting the yang-deficient kidney to support the other organs, and relieve unremitting fatigue of an overdoing-it nature

Bladder Posture adjust the bladder for retention or frequency and corrects the sacrum

Moving Practices

Kidney movement adjusts the kidney and spine to relieve pressure on the lower back and leg joints. Relieve pressure at the back of the head and provides support against gravity

Bladder movement adjust the sacrum and junction of the head and neck

Taiji Ruler: -2 to 0 positions Condition the legs and back for bending over. Reinforce the kidney, bladder, and spine for support of life energy and relieve effects of gravity

Rolling the golden ball Skill bridging gaps in static postures and movements allowing integral strength in all positions. Allows use of integrated strength in all arm positions

Walking practices The form of modern humans begins to decline from the waist down. Attending the health of the legs requires coordinated stepping practices. Restore the spring in your step by finding the appropriate agility training

Natural Walking very gentle and light stepping coordinated with breathing

Friction Step uses intense mental imagery of walking through waist-deep mud to build strength and determination

Breathing Practices

Hai he mantra unlock the mechanism of the kidney by adding this breathing practice to the movements. Mantras allow adjustments to happen now

Breathing sunlight lighten the body and achieve transparency to dissolve obstructions in your body and mind

Microcosmic Orbit

A simple, complete 12-movement practice to protect health and improve the quality of life. As the names suggest, there are implications beyond strengthening the organs:

1. Generating Your Vitality- through Pure Yang Mudra, all organs benefit

2. Connecting with the Earth- Kidney Yang, spleen and heart

3. Communicating With the Heavens- Liver then heart

4. Resonating With the Dao- Heart then lungs

5. Merging With the Universe- Heart

6. Embracing Infinity- Lung

7. Returning To Your Root- Kidney

8. Cultivating Your Gratitude- Spine

9. Uplifting You Spirits- Spine

10.Brightening Your Body- Energetics

11.Awakening Your Inner Wisdom- Yin, rest energy rejuvenation

12.Enjoying The Actionless- Integration and letting go


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