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As a physician, he approached the concept of meditative exercise in a diagnostic and therapeutic way. The founder of osteopathy said, “find health, anyone can find disease”. This work is another avenue for seeking health through correcting functional imbalance.


Dr Laseter’s innovative meditative exercise has been offered through:

  • In-Person classes to learn the energetics of healing and internal martial arts

  • Zoom classes focusing on health and personal development

  • Individual and Group Guided Meditative Exercise

  • 1:1 Training in our meditative exercise, healing, and internal martial arts


We moved to beautiful Santa Fe, NM in late 2023. We are working with individuals and small groups at this time. Call or email Leigh at 505-660-0461 or to inquire about options that interest you. 















"Dr Laseter helped my chronic pain due to an injury of many years on the very first visit. He has my confidence through experience, although my traditional medical training does not permit me to understand how it works. Only through remarkable relief did I come to some understanding of what appears to be his synthesis of the ancient wisdom of balancing energy flow in the body and his osteopathic expertise. I have only rudimentary experience of tai chi and the yogic sciences, but enough to appreciate the context of his approach. I have been treated by many excellent allopathic and osteopathic practitioners and colleagues over the years, all of whom helped and encouraged me to some degree with multiple interventions and medications. No treatment was as gentle or effective as Dr. Laseter’s care. His compassion and kindness are deeply appreciated.

His Meditative Exercise program facilitates treatment gains but also remarkably sets the course to safely and gently take personal responsibility for expanding my own wellbeing and self-awareness, empowering a simple self-care practice to maintain wellbeing and prevent further suffering and illness as well. This is a remarkable vision of health care, combining treatment which gives relief and facilitates developing the tools to avert future imbalances that result in suffering and potentially, disease. This is true compassion.

I believe that Dr. Laseter’s work stands at the threshold of a coming mainstream consciousness that will fearlessly embrace the amazing complexity of human wellbeing and health. This moves far beyond the notion of the body as machine and his care transmits what has been previously unmeasurable yet still appreciated and recorded in the writings and practice of ancient wisdom".

F. Sutter, M.D., MBA

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